Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch

Broccoli Chowder

Broccoli (steamed or cooked) I have a steam basket we got somewhere years and years ago. It just sits on top of any pot big enough to hold it evenly. Enough water to create steam is added to the bottom pot and the steamer basket is covered. In a matter of minutes, the freshest steamed vegetables are to be had!
Butter and Olive Oil
Any cheeses you prefer. I almost always use stray pieces and left over slices to this.

Sautee onions in a Dutch oven with some olive oil and butter.
When onions are soft and smaller in size, sprinkle flour (I used whole grain hard red wheat flour) enough for a soft paste.
Immediately, pour in some water or chicken broth (I added chicken boullion cubes to the left over water I used to steam the broccoli) and keep stirring so everything is blended well.
Add some milk (canned, fresh, half-n-half or whatever) and stir well. Add steamed broccoli and whatever cheese you’ll be using. I used two American slices (they are processed but my daughter gets them once in awhile for a treat and money is so tight we make use with whatever we have) along with two little wax covered deals the teen girl has for her lunch. I found some sharp cheddar and added it.
We ate our chowder with toasted bread on the side. I rubbed a peeled garlic clove all over the hot toast for some and buttered the others. Every bite was eaten and this fed 5 of us nicely.

Dessert was the growing -more -famous -by -the- day, Cake in a Mug.
The first one I made (a week or so ago) was better. I didn’t have chocolate chips at the time so I chopped up Hershey’s kisses. They are so much better in my opinion! Today’s version had the chocolate chips and I didn’t care for it nearly as much.

If I’ve already shared this recipe, please overlook it. I need more sleep! I didn’t have any organic ingredients and next time I’ll just make one big cake unless there are only one or two of us. Too much work and mess for making five at once in my opinion!
Regardless, here it is for anyone interested:
(I got this from the realfoodliving email list at yahoogroups I’ve shared about so often!)


Yield: as many mugs as you have chocolate cake-loving people

One cake per mug

Mug (must be EXTRA large or the cake will explode over the sides. My mugs are 16 ounces)

1/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour, freshly ground

1/4 cup organic sucanat

2 Tablespoons organic unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 large organic egg

3 Tablespoons organic whole milk

3 Tablespoons organic virgin coconut oil, melted

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla

2 Tablespoons organic chocolate chips

Place dry ingredients in each much and mix well with a fork or small whisk.

Add the egg, milk, oil and vanilla into the mug with dry ingredients and mix briskly until all ingredients are incorporated and smooth.

Place the mug uncovered in a microwave and cook on HI for 2 minutes.
Add the chocolate chips to the top of the cake and microwave for 30 seconds longer.

Remove the Mug O' Cake from the microwave and let the cake cool slightly - about 5 minutes.

Eat as is, or top with homemade ice cream if desired.

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