Friday, December 9, 2011


I am just lost with the new blogspot format!
Being tech savvy is obviously not my strong point when it comes to online things. I finally had a grip on how to manage posting, adding html codes to put badges and such on and it is back to square one. Bear with me? Perhaps the simplicity, plainness and overall less than catching view here will hide behind the light of Christ! Him shining through ... isn't that what I should be striving for anyway?!

It is the busiest baking time of the entire year for me as soon as the summer heats starts fading and any cool winds beging blowing. Of all times, my oven has been acting up and working perfectly well at times while not reaching the set temps at other times. I will just keep baking breads and other baked goods and see how it goes. Aren't you blessed to have me share all that? Smiles, sisters and saints ... I'm just sharing from the world the way it is or can be around here.

I wanted to share the homemade apple pie recipe (using one recipe for the crust in my food processer and another for the filling using dried apples!) along with a deLICIous chicken and dumplings recipe with herb flavored dumplings. My printer hasn't been working so I just scribbled the recipes down on different papers and took them to the kitchen. I didn't save them on here so I now have to locate the papers to share but I hopefully and prayerfully will find them soon. There were other recipes done the same way I haven't shared yet but would like to so be looking for those at some point....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Smallest note...

I am having the hardest time with blogger's new format. There are lots of neat and new things, I know but I am not very good with things like this. Everything is all over the place on at least one of the blogs and I wish I had been better at keeping with a main topic so I could have more easily written everything in one place!

I am so tired that I want to cozy up under some covers and read and write until I fall asleep for hours. There is still a lot to be done so I have to keep the idea of comfort on the backburner for awhile longer.

If and when I gather all the recipes I've been making lately, I will have to send them all at once or a few at a time.
Until then, I'll s hare from where -ever...