Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve in my Kitchen

For New Year's Eve, our kids and their families came over for our yearly tradition of eating, game playing and this year, fire works!

We had panini's, venison dip with tortilla chips, banana bread, meat loaf, spicy peanuts, and these much healthier brownies.

Other things being made in our kitchen:

Vegetable soup ...full of delicious vegetables! I just sauteed some onion with fresh carrots, eggplant, and garlic. After these sauteed to start to soften, I added chicken broth and  (actually, I made two dutch ovens and my DIL, Brandy made one as I worked on the other) --- anyway, we added cabbage, broccoli, okra, cauliflower, pre-cooked winter squash,  seasonings and more. I also added tomato juice and some pureed fresh tomatoes.
We had this with some parmesan grated over the top and with aged, white cheddar and red onion paninis and it was SO good.

There has been a lot more keeping things active in this most used room in the house but I don't recall at this time what those things are!