Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 9

Seek forums with similar topics to your blog.
I am working on making time to even post to my blog and answer the emails I already have coming in. How do I fit in forums?

Well, I'm off to see about this. . .

Day 8/Sharing on Sunday


My husband had the idea from a friend of his (he told me many months ago) to have a Sunday meal for all our kids each week. This would provide a nice meal for everyone, make for a lovely visit and keep us up with each other. We have done this a few times but not regularly yet but I plan to start.

I am doing today's blog challenge of sharing a link of a previous article and here is the link:
SMILES --- I am assuming this is just done by copying and pasting one from the article I'm sharing. If there is some amazing and/or better way... please share:)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Days 6 & 7

Days 6-7:
Learn from expert bloggers. Check. I read until my eyes were squinting and my head was hurting. I probably read too much!

Link with other bloggers.
This is one I’ve always enjoyed so it will be easy.
I have spent countless hours reading, viewing before and after photos, and awaiting each week’s menu sharing from this blog: (I love it!)

This is SO a favorite for picture rich (and delicious looking) recipes!

There are so many others (some are on the sidebar of the blog site) I could s hare but I haven’t had time to even keep up with dailies. I have been extremely busy with extended family situations, taking care of a very active six year old, home schooling, taking care of a new puppy (we now have three indoor beagles ages 8 years, 2 years, and 4 months) --- and getting our garden going.
Add in daily meals and clean up and lots in the way of hospitality and blogs, email lists, emails, and much more get stacked on the side lines.
This will do for now, I hope!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 3-5 & Kitchen Talk

I think this blogging class works better NOT sharing that you are doing it with the blog you are writing. Ha Ha. Well, I've already jumped into the white water rapids of it so I'm riding it on down the stream;)

Day 3 was promoting a blog post and I did that by putting a link to Day 2 (write a list post) on twitter.

Day 4 was analyzing a favorite blog in the same general topic as this one. Done.

Day 5 was connecting with a new reader or someone commenting on my page. I don't get a lot of comments so I took the other idea and commented on a blog I get an RSS feed for.

To keep from going entirely off topic for this culinary little cafe (smiles) --- I'll share something food focused.

Last night, two of the Hurry Up Chicken Pot Pies (Paula Deen) I made fed us along with two teens PLUS another family. I love it when that happens:) I also sliced up 3/4th of a bag of peeled potatoes in the food processer. I tossed them in batches in our WOK and they turned out delicious! All I added was salt, pepper, Adobe seasoning and butter with some oil. We like ours with a crispy, crunchy “skin” so I kept tossing them on medium/high heat until they were done.

Another niece stayed over last night (loved it! ) and we watched movies. This morning, we had scrambled eggs with cheese, buttermilk biscuits, and tomato gravy. I drank coffee and they drank hot chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon and few chugs of half-n-halfi.
I got some cookbooks at some thrift shop recently and I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes in those. I’ll share as I try them. . .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 2

Day 2: Write a List Post.

These are always fun because the ideas are endless.
Okay. Here is today’s:

5 Reasons to Bake, Cook, or Make It Yourself

1. Cleanliness. You will know how clean your hands are, how often the counters and sink are wiped down, and how sanitized everything is.
2. Pleasing. The process of putting things together in your own kitchen adds a comforting element to one’s mood. Gathering ingredients, simmering, stirring, kneading, and whirring … they all make a symphony of senses.
3. Nourishing. Most eating establishments creatively work to make the cheapest ingredients, produce, and supplies possible… into a dish to serve. The goal for them is to make the most money with the least cost. Even though most home cooks strive to save money…you can wisely choose where to save and where to splurge. You should get the highest quality to fit your budgets.
4. Educational. The more you prepare in your kitchen, the more you will learn. Spices will shake here and seasonings will mix there and before you know it… you are creating delicious foods. Your very own recipes!
5. Taste. Eating something you have blended, sautéed, sliced, or peeled . . . just about anything you take part in preparing will taste amazingly… better.

There are my five… what are yours?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

31 Days of Blogging Class

I am in a hurry this morning as I almost always am when I roll this chair up to the keyboard. Most times, I fly through some emails, check out a link or two, read a blog and head back in: into the fervor of house work in our home or the common place routine of it. All depending on the moment at hand.

What this means is... my blogging and email lists connections becomes something I save for when I have time. I treat these times as gifts to myself and this would be wonderful... if I managed it more often.
Of course, I don't.
Just like I don't manage long soaks in tubs filled with rose petals, lavender oil and jojoba oils --- but that is another article.

I am presently "enrolled" in an email challenge of sorts I think will be great fun and thought I'd share the process with you. For 31 days, I'll post a "lesson" on this blog. I don't know if I am supposed to actually share with you that I am taking my cues from anywhere other than my own creativity (sweet smile since I KNOW where all of that comes from) --- but 'tis me. 'Tis the way I am. ;) Stay with me...

The first lesson was actually two days ago but I was out of town so here goes:
I am to write a blog tagline or something short and descriptive for my About Page. I just scribbled something on an envelope and put it in front of this monitor.

It is: (ridiculous but at least I did the assignment)

"Sifting from my mixing bowls to yours - - - from the culinary dance taking place in my kitchen."
It goes with my heading on the blog (the quote) so not very original. I'll change it if I get time or make time. So, it will probably stay just as it is.

Love and great day to all;)

* 31-Day Blog Writing Challenge: *