Wednesday, April 8, 2009

31 Days of Blogging Class

I am in a hurry this morning as I almost always am when I roll this chair up to the keyboard. Most times, I fly through some emails, check out a link or two, read a blog and head back in: into the fervor of house work in our home or the common place routine of it. All depending on the moment at hand.

What this means is... my blogging and email lists connections becomes something I save for when I have time. I treat these times as gifts to myself and this would be wonderful... if I managed it more often.
Of course, I don't.
Just like I don't manage long soaks in tubs filled with rose petals, lavender oil and jojoba oils --- but that is another article.

I am presently "enrolled" in an email challenge of sorts I think will be great fun and thought I'd share the process with you. For 31 days, I'll post a "lesson" on this blog. I don't know if I am supposed to actually share with you that I am taking my cues from anywhere other than my own creativity (sweet smile since I KNOW where all of that comes from) --- but 'tis me. 'Tis the way I am. ;) Stay with me...

The first lesson was actually two days ago but I was out of town so here goes:
I am to write a blog tagline or something short and descriptive for my About Page. I just scribbled something on an envelope and put it in front of this monitor.

It is: (ridiculous but at least I did the assignment)

"Sifting from my mixing bowls to yours - - - from the culinary dance taking place in my kitchen."
It goes with my heading on the blog (the quote) so not very original. I'll change it if I get time or make time. So, it will probably stay just as it is.

Love and great day to all;)

* 31-Day Blog Writing Challenge: *


Anonymous said...

I'm just getting into the challenge myself but haven't implemented anything. :o( I'm visiting from links at my blog Simply Lapbooks.

naturalmotherhood said...

I thought I answered this, Erna!
So sorry --- I was going to leave a comment on your wonderful blog but didn't see where to leave one?

Anyway, have a great day:)
We might be working on a beetle lapbook this week around here!