Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 2

Day 2: Write a List Post.

These are always fun because the ideas are endless.
Okay. Here is today’s:

5 Reasons to Bake, Cook, or Make It Yourself

1. Cleanliness. You will know how clean your hands are, how often the counters and sink are wiped down, and how sanitized everything is.
2. Pleasing. The process of putting things together in your own kitchen adds a comforting element to one’s mood. Gathering ingredients, simmering, stirring, kneading, and whirring … they all make a symphony of senses.
3. Nourishing. Most eating establishments creatively work to make the cheapest ingredients, produce, and supplies possible… into a dish to serve. The goal for them is to make the most money with the least cost. Even though most home cooks strive to save money…you can wisely choose where to save and where to splurge. You should get the highest quality to fit your budgets.
4. Educational. The more you prepare in your kitchen, the more you will learn. Spices will shake here and seasonings will mix there and before you know it… you are creating delicious foods. Your very own recipes!
5. Taste. Eating something you have blended, sautéed, sliced, or peeled . . . just about anything you take part in preparing will taste amazingly… better.

There are my five… what are yours?

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