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Menu Planning (Previously Posted @ Nutmeg Notes)

Dear Sisters,

I share different things concerning menu making and planning because I have tried different ways in search for the best way for our family. Regardless of what plan I've used... it seems to be something I find myself dreading each and every time I do it.
I must tell you that I have been more excited over my menu making since receiving the email I am sharing with you than I have in a long while!
I am almost done with mine and thought I'd share the idea with you.
Prepare yourself for this is very simple but simple is exactly what I need!

*Please* Keep in mind that have this all formatted in a nice and neat Way but every time I send it in ... it is much different. Hopefully, this One will AT LEAST keep some of the order originally created with it!

I got this from Crystal Miller... a wonderful friend I met online
some years back. I feel God placed us in each other's "path" because she responded to a forum/message board or SOMETHING like that I had sent a question into related to homeschooling. She has been such a true blessing to my life since that time --- and that was the only thing I ever did on that board or whatever it was. There was a list we were on together, too, and I LOVED it.
I unsubscribed when time limits crept up for the computer but always got a lot out of that list - maybe Crystal can refresh my memory on the name and I can share that with you:).

Crystal has been married to Tobin for 17 years and home schools their 8 children. I received a picture of these kids and they are just beautiful...
Richard is 19, Carolyn 16, Hannah 13, Emily 11, Leanne 10, Jacob 7
Sierra 6, and Isaac is 3 1/2 .
The Millers have 1 dog, "too many cats", 3 rabbits, 5 goats, 17
chickens, and 2 horses! As you can imagine... there is a lot of work to be done in this home and any ways of simplifying things probably help.
Crystal enjoys many homemaker helping hobbies like cooking, baking,
sewing, herbs, reading, and learning to be more organized. Other activities she enjoys are reading with her children, family movie nights, date nights with her husband, craft projects with her oldest girls, her goats, and making homemade gifts. Of the last "skill", Crystal says: "not that I am that good at it!) and I truly believe she is being a bit too modest here!

*Update* Crystal now has a blog and a wonderful site I glean recipes from all the time! The site is: and the blog is:

From Crystal:
" the problem I have always had is that a strict menu for the next
month ability to try new recipes or the fact that something may come up and we eat out of the home. Well one day I was reading something on the Internet about making a 5 week menu and just planning 5 meals per week. And rotating this plan every 5 weeks. This give room for the things listed above. Well this idea really clicked for me so I sat down and figured out a menu as described and have been using it now for a few weeks. It works great! If you get tired of something you can remove it from the menu and replace it with something else. To give you an idea, I will show you my 5-week menu: (Crystal's)

5 Week Menu Plan

Week 1:
Baked chicken
Green chili pork
Hamburger rice pie

Week 2:
Slow cooker enchiladas
Teriyaki chicken
Tuna casserole
Potatoes and sausage in Crock Pot

Week 3:
Meatball and ravioli soup
Tacos (made w/taco rice)
Chinese stir-fry
Baked ham
Chicken gravy over biscuits

Week 4:
Baked spaghetti
Taco soup
Broccoli ham bake
Chicken tetrazzini
Roast-- beef or pork

Week 5:
Zesty Italian casserole
Mexican pasta bake
Chicken rice casserole
Marvelous meatballs
Split pea or bean soup

On my shopping day I check my menu for the upcoming week then check my pantry for any needed items before I go out and shop."
The website this was taken from is:

,which you might already be familiar with. It is a great site with lots of nice information to browse through. There is a free email newsletter available, too.

Have a GREAT day/night:). Love, Sandy

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