Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Clean & Orderly Kitchen

I have been working all day on my kitchen. So much work goes on in that room and it is the first area you walk into upon entering our home. It was due for a mighty make over!

My 14 year old daughter and I started in the morning and worked in sections. We would take everything off of one set of shelves, vacuum and give a good scrub and replace only the items we wanted kept there.

We kept the dishwasher running and I hand washed dishes throughout the day. There were jars, containers , and much more in need of a good washing.

We tackled two sets of white shelves (hand made by my husband) and two sets of stainless steel shelves he anchored in place a few years ago. After those, we rolled up our sleeves and we aimed for the pots and pan bar. My husband designed and built a heavy wooden beam right under the ceiling between our kitchen and dining room. He added rows of silver hooks and I have a place for two rolling pins on the front, my cast iron collection hangs all on the left and the stainless steel pots & pans are on the right. ALL of these came down piece by piece. I washed and seasoned each cast iron piece and made sure the others were clean as well. My teen girl used cleaner to get what she could clean and everything went back up. We may have to get aggressive where some stains remain after a pressure cooker shot hot grease all over it some time ago. We cleaned it immediately when it happened and I’ve tried to scrub it clean since but it just hit with such force… all of it hasn’t been easy to remove.

Cabinets, counters, and drawers all followed and every appliance was polished cleaned and rearranged. It is so nice to have spices all in one place again, baking supplies together, measuring cups and spoons nestled like babies in blankets!

Storage containers are all wiped down, every piece has a place and there is a place for everything… well, almost. There is still that junk drawer… but I won’t let that steal my joy.

I’m ready for the coming menu now and look forward to putting my now clean kitchen to use in serving those the Lord has blessed me to serve.

May His presence fill this constant used Kitchen and the humble home it lives in.

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