Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hopeful Farm

Dearest Family & Friends,

A very precious online friend of mine sent something to me I am very, very excited and touched to share.
The place is Hopeful Farm and it is a non-profit balm serving families with special needs children.

I went to the site and following interview and it brings tears as I am typing. Blessing!

In the whole time I’ve been online, I’ve never (that I can recall anyway) sent anything like this. I cannot wait to get this email, blog post, and social network message out to reach as many hearts as possible!

I also cannot wait (and I am saying this from the depths of my heart) to donate to this beautiful place and pray God will bless me to continue.

It feels as though I’m offering you a gift with the links below and well, I guess I am.

Here it is: {please, please consider sharing this with others}

Hopeful Farm, a Kentucky based non-profit that ministers to families impacted by special needs. I've attached some email announcements that you can use or use parts of if you feel led to participate.

The benefit is here: and there is an interview with my daughter and I at

Love, Sandy

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