Monday, October 27, 2008

Fast Lunch & Simple Dinner

Our Dinner "Menu" ~

Blake was working out of town and didn't get home until dark so I put his dinner in a container in the fridge. The rest of us didn't eat together at the table and I don't want this to become a habit!

Fried Deer Tenderloin

Tossed Salad

French Bread

Nana, Papa, and Sherry (my youngest sister) came for a visit today. They brought the twins, Summer & Seth and 2 year old, Konnor. My niece and nephews!

My sister went to the store while the kids and Braxton played and Papa read some of the paper and watched some news. Nana and I talked, went through some pictures of the other grandkids from the computer and she got to see my blogs. Smiles.

The store trip yielded French bread, turkey lunch meat, cheese, pecan rolls and sugar for chocolate cobbler.

Nana split the whole loaf in half and placed turkey on one open face and cheese on the other. She broiled in the oven until the cheese melted. She put the loaf back together when it was still hot from the oven and I rubbed some butter and a fresh, cut garlic clove all over it.

Nana sliced the loaf in four sections and we grabbed wax paper squares for plates. The kids didn't want anything to do with these so they had mayonnaise sandwiches with no crusts and slice of meat.

We had ours with hot coffee, fresh water and green olives.

The chocolate cobbler I've made countless times was a waste of ingredients. I forgot to make the all-purpose flour into self rising!

That was our day in the kitchen and around it!


Mary Lou said...

Hi Sandy! Can you post the recipe for the chocolate cobbler? It sounds wonderful!

naturalmotherhood said...

So sorry, Mary Lou! I thought I had shared this recipe. I've been making it for awhile after trying it at a scrapbook crop!
Ok... doing that now!