Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Different Dinner

My teen daughter believes this to be the strangest dinner we’ve ever had. I was just working with what we had and what was on sale because I didn’t want to spend my entire weekend over the stove. Smiles;)

Anyway, here it is:

Venison Steaks with Pan Gravy
Alfredo Egg Noodles topped with Parmesan Cheese
French Bread

Yes. That was it. Yes, we had something like venison steak with alfredo noodles and not fettuccini.
There were Alfredo sauce jars on sale at the grocery I got when we made a trip for milk so that is why I found a use for those.

I am attempting to have a place where as many of our meals are recorded in one place as possible. Actually, three places bec/ I’m making Word documents and sharing with the original email list for each one as well. This means, sharing things I wouldn’t normally share … like this meal.

Through the years, I cannot tell you the hundreds of times people have asked for specific recipes or dish names I have been asked for. I almost never had them to give because I cook so much and don’t keep records. SO… I decided to make this blog a record and I or the one searching can go to the archives and easily click to the desired meal or recipe!
We did enjoy the meal! Our oldest son and his family came and we ate, drank some delicious coffee and watched SNL reruns and laughed together.


Anonymous said...

This dinner sounds good!!!

Sandy, do you remember me from clean and cozy home? I still read my digests everyday, but all those months we didn't have a computer, has made me feel like a stranger jumping back in. I'm glad I found your blogs, though!! ♥

naturalmotherhood said...

Of course I remember you, Kristie! I've thought about you so often and tried replying to a different comment you made asking how you are!

I don't ever pressure you to post but please don't ever, ever feel like a stranger --- you were one of the original members, dear friend!

I've missed you, sister!
Please post there anytime and/or me at
to catch me up on how you are!