Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Night Dinner

Saturday Night Dinner

Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar Cheese, A few strips of turkey breast, and Dill
With Buttered Toast from the oven.
Steaming hot coffee and pure water

I wanted some baked beans to go with this for an out of country flair but we didn’t have any beans other than garbanzo.

Husband and son were outside playing baseball and the girls were on the computer when I called everyone to our cozy little meal. The young lady who is staying with us for a couple of days has been coming here since her birth 12 years ago. It is funny because I met her mother when SHE was 12 years old! That was 20 years ago!

For dessert:

Vanilla Ricotta Cream
{Original recipe may be slightly different. I got it out of my South Beach Diet book a long time ago and make big batches of it every so often. }

I put three cups of Ricotta cheese (the only kind I really like is what I get from Sam’s --- Biazzo brand) in the food processor. To this, I add 1 ½ t. vanilla extract (or 2 teaspoons if I want moreJ) and 3 T. of Splenda .
I give it just enough of a whirl to blend well and use a rubber spatula to scrape it all into a glass bowl with a lid. I keep it in the fridge and right before serving, grate fresh nutmeg and sprinkle cinnamon over the top.

The concerns I’ve read about concerning Splenda have kept me from using it other than this recipe and rarely at restaurants. I could actually get used to using this but there are lots of conflicting reports on the safety issue with it. I also read artificial sweeteners have been proven to make you crave more of them and this might have the same properties. It is supposed to come from real sugar but the processing is pretty heavy and white sugar isn’t good for us anyway.
There is my nutrition out-loud-ponder for the day!

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