Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunch and After School Snack

Fettuccini & Pesto Pasta

Olive oil
Chicken breast
Portabella mushrooms
Heavy cream
Fresh garlic
Organic fresh spinach (cut in strips or chopped)
Fettuccini (cooked)
Parmesan cheese

This isn’t exactly in order but I need to take care of one last load of laundry, get my little one in the shower past his bedtime routine time and check on the girls’ routines.
It was just too good and loved all over to now share and have a record of!
Cook chicken breast in a WOK drizzled with oil (I used olive oil) and butter along with portabella mushrooms (chopped or sliced).

When done, add fresh garlic (chopped) and let sizzle a bit before adding heavy cream. Stir the mixture thoroughly and add spinach and cook until bubbly. When spinach is done to your taste preference, add the cooked, drained fettuccini and toss until well coated. Add two tablespoons of pesto and mix well.

Add a generous mound of freshly shaved parmesan once on the plate (this differs from many fettuccini recipes because they usually call for stirring it in way earlier but I don’t like the mess in the pan!) and serve.
We ate a whole box of this between lunch and after school snacks!

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