Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday Brownies

Mom’s Birthday Brownies

I don’t recall if I did or didn’t write about these already so I’m going forth. If I am repeating myself, just send me a note to get more sleep.

We went to my mom’s for her birthday at the end of August and my sister made a chicken dish (very good) and I made a so-so pasta salad to eat with it.
I also made up one box and one bag of brownie mix but I added something scrumptious to each.

For one pan, I set the mixed and ready to bake brownie mixture aside and made a bowl of cream cheese goodness to add a cheesecake like taste. I just used a Kitchen Aid mixer to get the cream cheese softened and added powdered sugar and a bit of milk --- all to taste. Sometimes I add vanilla. I poured a layer of brownie in a greased baking dish and spread this cream cheese mixture and then topped with what I had left of the brownie mixture.

The second bowl was set aside and I mixed peanut butter, powdered sugar and some milk to mix in a separate bowl. The brownie batter was already poured into the baking pan so I swirled the peanut butter mixture with a butter knife. So beautiful!
These were devoured by all the ages there (from baby to grandparents) with raving reviews. Definitely need to make again!


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