Friday, March 4, 2011

Sandy's Sourdough

Sourdough Step by Step: Follow Along!

I have very little experience with sourdough at this point. Years ago, I was given an Amish Friendship Starter and I followed the directions and when the first batch was done, I didn't think to keep it up. It might have been that I had three small boys and no desire to add another step of work to my day, who knows? Two more kids later along with two Daughters-in-Law and four grandbabies and I decided to try again a few months ago. This time, I opted for whole grain sourdough starter in order to make whole grain breads. I had success with my starters but had some things come up and got so busy that I didn't take the five minutes or so a day to care for my starters and ended up eventually throwing them out.
Now? Now, I hope to keep it up so I can have a continual and healthy supply of breads and baked goods to serve my family and anyone else in need of a nutritious gift.

I have been asked about helping others with this and some other kitchen, cooking, baking and breadmaking tasks. I figured I should start now since it is as good a time as any and I'll push my perfectionist side regularly over an inch or few to make room for a more creative pursuit ... never done it everything has to be perfect.

Here it is... my first steps. I will be sharing more on sourdough as we go and I hope you will toss any intimidation into the closest trash can and hit this adventure with me! It will be fun and oh, the things we can make!

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