Monday, March 7, 2011

Hurried post: Notes on Sourdough Starters

I just read something I read before and forgot. You apparently are not supposed to keep different starters close together. I will separate my little party of starters in a bit.

Secondly, I read from this well loved blog that it can be wise to use smaller starters and build them up rather than keeping big starters. The first time around, I kept the starters small and they had more success than this time so far. I transferred the starters into bigger corningware dishes (except the white flour little crock) and this can make for too much yeast and a weaker starter or one that dies.

I will use what I can today and create four pint sized jars to work with to see how they do. I'll just maintain a small amount in each jar and build them up as I bake and go. It takes a bit of foresight to regularly use sourdough, I'm learning.

You have to take into account how much starter you will need and I have read that you don't ever add more flour/water feeding than you have of starter. In other words, if you have 1 cup of starter, you wouldn't want to feed it 2 cups of flour and water at once. Instead, you would keep adding anywhere from a Tablespoon or two of flour and water at a time or every few to several hours until it is built up or any measurement up to the 1 cup. I am typing my thoughts here and I have books (volume upon volume) of thoughts going on all the time so... just bear with me?

I'll share as I learn and we'll see how it goes. As we go along, I will try to share the books I have here that I will be reading from along with blogs, sites and so on's. One site I have visited countless times for sourdough and more is The Fresh Loaf. PACKED with info, blogs, forums and more!


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