Monday, March 7, 2011

Kefir and another BLOG Share!

Things are busy and busy can be good. It can be not so good if the balance gets out of whack!
I have decided to reign in my priorities and tighten my time to make sure I am fitting in more kitchen work than flying through meal preparations as quickly as possible and eating it even more fast than it takes to make it!
I will try to keep my posting up with my newfound, going back to my homemaking heart determinations because there are SO MANY wonderful things I have hoped to share and haven't. Instead of trying to go back and do that ... I will attempt to just share as I go as I did at first.

All that rambling aside, I will share a blog as I had planned and suggested I would start doing but haven't and my next post will be a few notes on my started again sourdough adventure!

I made almost five quarts of kefir (poured them this morning after breakfast and before the kids left for school) and I am curious about keeping up with the grains. I will start a thread of sorts on here as I am doing with the sourdough and will share as I go. It might be more messy than waiting to do tutorials and such once I am already established and better learned in these areas but it might be the only way I keep up with things here!

I ordered grains so long ago that I don't remember when and froze them. I made one batch but my nephew was diagnosed with cancer. I ended up between here and the children's hospital 1 1/2 hours away and just used it to soak some rice, beans and baked goods. I hope to be much more wise and productive this time around.

I'm not sure if the grains are very good since you are supposed to use them up soon and I have had them for a long, long time. At the same time, they appear to be working perfectly fine and I have heard of others who revived grains they didn't know would work so we will see.

I've been reading on making kefir and about the "grains" used to make it for so long and one day... decided to just see what it would take to make it. I have been amazed ... completely amazed at all the information I have found on this!

Instead of explaining all the details myself, I will share from some of the sources I learned from because they were so helpful and still are!

One of my favorite blogs on kitchen and homemaking topics shared the easiest instructions for kefir making and shared a link of where to order kefir grains. I ordered my kefir grains from the place Crystal (dear, beautiful friend:) shared and used her instructions for making my kefir. I have known this lovely lady since 1998 or 1999 and have been blessed by her knowledge and much, much more. I have made so many of her recipes that I could have a notebook just of them and have so many printed, they would probably fill one quickly!

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