Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pantry Provisions

In a big hurry and no photos but I am trying to share what is going on in my flurry of a kitchen as I go again!

We have been making anything I can come up with from the pantry shelves, freezer and fridge. We really enjoyed a different kind of pizza the past two days. Two versions:

1. Getting too dry to eat bread. I drizzled bbq sauce on the bread, found some mozzarella in the freezer and sprinkled it all over the bread -used it still frozen- and topped with a chopped red onion I discovered in one of my produce bowls! I added a sprinkle of onion salt and some pepper and cooked it on 425 degrees for about 5 minutes and switched to broil until it was brown and sticking to the pan! It was delicious!

2. My daughter made a version yesterday equally delicious! She found a different bread (some whole wheat rolls) getting too dry to eat and she sprinkled some mozzarella cheese right over, added sliced Roma tomatoes, sprinkled some Mrs. Dash over all and after baking and broiling, drizzled bbq sauce over.

Both "pizzas" were cut in smaller pieces for easier grabbing and eating like a quick finger food. Must make these more often and can use any sauce on hand, different cheeses, meats and vegetables. Great for bits and pieces of leftovers!

I made a batch of whole grain, brown rice in my rice cooker and put it in bowls for the freezer and fridge. These will be good for rice bowls (sauce, meat and/or vegetables and so on) or to wrap up in tortillas with cheese and salsa, casseroles or whatever else we decide as we go!

More later ---



melissa said...

Sending you a hug, sweet one, as you fly through your day! :)

naturalmotherhood said...

Thank you --- I know how much you have in your days but you end up finding a way to settle cozily down and I am longing for some of that myself about now!