Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parts of my path to here

We are still drinking a lot of smoothies and I can feel a difference in my energy level and hunger pains are lessened during the day.
I am also working up menu plans that are a blend of anything nutritious I can read about or have read about for over 20 years. Hopefully, we'll have a good mix:)
I am making some things from Nourishing Traditions cookbook, raw food cookbooks (but NO raw meat!) along with some vegan and vegetarian.
Before you think I've gone off of some overwhelming deep filled with countless food worlds - I will try to briefly explain.

I started reading about nutrition in my mother's nursing books when I was 19. I embraced all of it and took notebooks full of notes, made food and meal charts to perfectly match what was recommended.
By the age of 20, I was married and had a husband and three little boys to feed and I really tried to arrange our intake according to what the nursing books suggested.
We didn't adhere perfectly by any means though and I just went along doing the best I could with the time I had between changing diapers, cleaning house and writing in a tiny space I had wedged a make shift desk into.

As time went by, my hunger (smiles) for proper meal plans, dieting information and how-to's, along with just about anything related to food and kitchen ... grew. I read cookbooks like novels, replaced fashion magazines with culinary versions and tried to bake and make things left and right.

After awhile, life shifted and my heart changed and a ton of other drama I won't bore you with all took my place in the kitchen. I stopped loving it and grew to detest even the thought... to the point that I would cry sometimes when our dinner hour came.
We sadly lived off of a lot of pizza, Italian subs and pasta dishes --- anything that could be delivered because we only had one car.
It didn't help that I was pregnant with our fourth child and first girl and I was sicker than I had ever been in my life. I got sick between the couch and the bathroom... every single trip. I would get up to do dishes and just cry until I could lay back down.

In the process of all of this, I finally started crying out to God. I pleaded for His help changing our lives back around and for my place in the home (and the kitchen) to be restored and more. I think I told God I would help others if He would just help me and that I would not judge them. I remember thinking that if God could help me... every single woman in this world had hope.

He did. He has astounded me. He has gone far beyond and over anything I could hope or think to ask. Am I a perfect person, homemaker, or gourmet chef? Ask my family to get a quick answer on any of those! It will not be affirmative, I can assure you.

However, the LORD does deserve glory and honor and praise (just for He is) for bringing me to a completely different place.
My heart is turned around and I have learned and keep learning so much on not just food but healthy nourishment and I don't just stop at one. I take from each area just what I find to be accurate and blend it all together into a varied, wild, wonderful and swirling with colors galore (haven't seen that word in a long time!) way of eating.
So, there. You have some background on at least a tiny portion of why I share from so many perspectives and so on.

The latest smoothies, a fresh breakfast or two and some other things we have been knocking mixing bowls around to make will be in the next blog post.... or few.

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