Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fresh Apple Pie Muesli with Maple-Pecan Cream

I have so many cookbooks that I had decided to not buy another one... ever. Well, maybe not EVER but for a long, long time IF ever.
Well, that wasn't to be. . . at least not with me.
I don't have a printer right now and actually haven't had one for several weeks. I am SO in the habit of printing out my recipes when I make meal plans and other menus that I got a little lost without that task.
I pulled out all my cookbooks and chose to put to the side all except the healthy and whole food choices while I work on my weight and our health. My husband is on blood pressure medicine and has been told he has high triglycerides and I am on Synthroid, Atenolol, and water pills myself. They are also doing tests on my gall bladder and more.
For the past several months, my family and I have had a LOT going on and I allowed all of it to throw us off course. We have consumed an embarrassing amount of take out and fast food. It is showing up in our weight, health, well being, and bank!

Well, I wanted to change that around and I took some money and read some reviews and bought a few cookbooks to support us eating better. I already have some excellent choices (Nourishing Traditions is a favorite, King Arthur's Whole Grain Baking, Eating Clean and some others) so I looked for areas I didn't already own recipes in/for.

One of the books I got gets constant looks, comments and jokes but I tried a recipe from the author from her youtube and loved it so much that I got her book. The recipe, by the way was Thai Lettuce Rolls or wraps!
The books is: Get Nake Fast by Diana Stobo's. This author weighed 247 pounds and she lost a lot of weight when she changed her eating habits.
Her website is:

I have only tried one recipe but I plan to try a lot of them. This was really good but I will use a different apple next time. Her recipe just calls for apples and the pictures shows granny smith apples and they were a little tart for me.
Besides that, very good and a great start to the day.
Here it is:

Fresh Apple Muesli with maple-pecan cream
Makes 1-2 servings. (For me, this was definitely 2 servings)

1 apple, cored and diced (I just used my little round thing that cores and slices the apple at once)
1/4 cup whole, raw almonds
1 T. raisins
1/4 t. cinnamon (I used more)
1 pinch of sea salt

Fit processor with s-blade and mix all ingrdients in processor bowl together. Pulse 12-15 times until coarsely chopped or desired consistency is obtained. For a crunchier cereal, pulse less; for a smoother texture, process longer. Transfer creeal to serving bowl and top with Maple-Pecan Cream.

Maple-Pecan Cream
1/2 cup pecans or pecan butter
1/2 cup of water
2 T. maple syrup

Blend all ingredients ina  high-speed blender until smooth and creamy. Extra cream will keep in refrigerator for up to 5 days, and may also be used as a dip or dessert option.

I took a picture of this lovely meal but still have to figure out how to get it from my phone to my computer!

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