Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Bit on My List Making Lately

In spite of what appearances here would indicate … I am still cooking. Smiles.

We have been very busy here and I was working on Master Shopping Lists forms for all the places we shop. My husband did the Excel format because I always get it all mixed up from where I want it. Now we have an Excel book and in the book … the separate list.

It isn’t actually a book but a file that opens other files. I’ll figure the whole Excel thing out one day.
Anyway, food supplies are very low but we are going to get some this week so I’m looking forward to bringing my present menu plan to life.

I have used the same basic idea for menu planning for years now. There is an article I wrote on it and if I ever figure out the linking to different posts thing --- I’ll include one at times JUST like this;)
Instead of hand writing the whole thing now though… I just print a calendar of what month I’m on and fill in main dishes (printing the recipe or writing the cookbook’s title/page # on) and then add sides or recipes to sides. That is of course all dinners. We repeat breakfasts and lunch ideas so often I am random in printing the lists for them. I might make a two sided sheet with “Breakfast” ideas on the left and “Lunch” on the right. Just for a quick memory jog or to let the kids know what they’ll be having.

There are also some kitchen cleaning check lists to keep me from spending so much time “catching up” on heavy cleaning jobs. Things like “cleaning the space above cabinets” so dust doesn’t build up and start flying in our food kinds of things. Smile.

Here is a neat and random video on making art from coffee and cream to add some interest to this post.

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