Friday, June 7, 2013

Our garden progress!

These are the beginning shots and stages of our gardening this year. Things are changing so quickly that I haven't been good at keeping up with recording the progress. I will post the most recent when I get back to this computer!

My husband tilling our second garden. The first was tilled in rows and this was sectioned off in squares.

These are some of our peppers (hot and mild --- I hope our labels help us at harvest time!) and tomatoes with the mulch around them. The picture on the right shows our zucchini, one eggplant, our yellow squash and what will hopefully turn out to be a tiny melon patch.

The left shows a more close shot of the zucchini or yellow squash plants and a tree stump with mushrooms just bec it looked neat :)

Left is the some nasturtiums, a sage plant and a rosemary. On the right is a cilantro plant and a lemon balm. There are tiny dill plants coming up in between!

On the left, we have our scraggly, miscellaneous space where we planted extras. There are two tomato plants, two green bean plants, some sweet peas hanging on for dear life and a lot of weeds. On the right, is a tri-colored sage (now withered and gone :( and I think a parsley plant.)

Two chamomile plants and they have already grown two lovely flowers! On the left ... is one of cucumber plants.

Right: Rainbow chard... this is something I have been SO excited about and even though it is very tender to care for... I planted a lot and it is looking delicious! Left: Two parsleys and a basil along with some broccoli!

 Green beans, broccoli, watermelon and yellow squash
 Old rose bush
 Japanese maple - gift from my heart sister that she 
planted from a baby from her tree! Thyme - I have one
German thyme and one lemon thyme... love!
 Hanging strawberry (have two) and this one has a 
wandering jew peeking out!
 Sweet mint
 Cuban oregano: a first and an instant favorite!
My DIL learned about this from a local nursery
and now we both have one and love them!
 I have one of these rosemary plants on each side of 
our back door and we have two more in the gardens. 
 I forget the name of these beautiful peppers. I started
these from seeds I got from Seeds of Change!

 Cilantro I started from seed

 Dukat dill I started from seed. Most of the seeds 
came from Seeds of Change!

 Grand-littles herb garden. The whole kit was $1.00!
 Basil from seed!
 Dukat dill
 Bird on a stump 
 Chocolate beauty bell peppers 

 grandlittles herb garden growimg

 sage, parsley, rosemary, lavender and red lettuce

 row garden 
 Garden in squares


Janet said...

Love your little gardens! It makes me want to grow something.:)

naturalmotherhood said...

I typed a comment on this but somehow didn't publish it! I was just saying in it that you can plant something in a pot, a tiny spot on the ground and much more! It will bless you! What is something you would like to plant?!