Friday, June 28, 2013

How our garden grows as of June, 2013

Our growing garden!
This is a view of our row garden. The first two are not big yet but they are (from seeds)  rainbow chard and sweet peppers. The next row is yellow squash, then watermelons, then yellow and red bell peppers, and two half rows of basil. All were from seeds I won (so awesome!) from Sustainable Seed Co. with the exception of the yellow and red peppers... they were from the store!

This is our "square garden" where my husband tilled up squares and we planted things in each and created walk ways around each one. The view here shows our cucumbers (from seed) and pineapple sage (plant) along with a tiny row of sweet peppers from seeds that are so tiny you can't see them here. It is hard to see... but there are a few eggplants, a daisy, a chrysanthemum, several varieties of tomatoes, several kinds of peppers and more. 

Cucumbers! My husband made the trellises! 

More of what I listed above...

Closer view of yellow squash...

Closer view of rows: Carrots (from seed), purple beans (from seed), broccoli (plants) and red and yellow pepper from plants. 

My harvest basket ...only $1.00 from the local farmer's market! I gathered broccoli, cucumbers, yellow squash babies, borage, nasturtiums, and dill. This picture shows our first melons... so adorable! 
So thankful for God's bounty and provision. 

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