Thursday, June 27, 2013

Green Tea: Make Ahead Tip

This was my last email list post and I thought I would share it here as well :) 

One thing I have been working to better myself on is a more holistic approach to daily living and as a homemaker. What I mean by that, is working to stay aware of things on all levels (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) so I can grow in each and have a more successful whole.

Have you ever noticed how rare it is to see a dedicated homemaker (stay at home moms, wives and mothers working in the home and out) take proper care of herself? Even adequate self tending seems few and far between. I know this has been an area I've struggled with a lot over the years. How do you get enough sleep with little ones waking all night? When do you carve out time and KEEP AT IT when the tasks needing done over take the hours to do them?

There are no exact answers for these and a zillion similar questions bec/ each of us are so different BUT each homemaking heart can start looking at things in her own life and begin to make stacks of changes. Step one... do this... make your stack. Step two... keep up with Step one and add something else... second stack. We want a growing life but snapping our fingers and having it appear will probably yield little results.
Getting things prioritized and planning to have daily progress towards a more whole place in life can do wonders.

This is deep and wide and far reaching so I won't write a book on it... at least not yet. (smiles)
For right now, I will share something I am doing to keep my energy up and pour health into my body to keep going.
Today's Tip:
Green tea.
I've been trying to drink more of this for years! My daughter loves it but I have not seemed to get into it unless it is in a latte and how healthy is that usually? I tried something awhile back that I LOVED and it has made consuming green tea a treat! I drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices and I read or heard somewhere that you can sometimes add water to your juices or herbal teas. This hydrates more and/or adds nutrition and flavor.
I cut some of my juices in half with an equal amount of green tea and the taste was just amazing. I enjoy other cold, herbal teas but green tea is my present favorite. I was making a cup or two at a time and waiting for it to cool but it took awhile to cool and longer to get cold.

I brew 1-2 quarts of green tea and strain the bags (they go in our compost) and the tea goes in the fridge. Now, every time I make a juice, smoothies (some kinds do well with this) or just need a splash of green... I have it on hand. I have also frozen it in ice trays and that works well but I usually prefer the cold liquid. I already freeze yogurt, greens, herbs, pureed fruit, and some blended vegetables in ice cube trays for smoothies, soups, stews, stocks, teas and more. 

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