Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our food this Saturday...

Today: Coffee with cinnamon and honey mixture and half-n-half. Oatmeal for my husband with a small amount of brown sugar and half-n-half. Juice for me: celery, carrots, cucumber, jalapeno, ginger, lime and parsley. I didn't love the taste of this (even though it was spicy and I do love that) but I would have probably loved it with one piece of fruit to balance out all the heat. I made it bec I have been battling symptoms similar to sinusitis and I wanted to knock it out without antibiotics. I made our 10 year old son Annie's macaroni and cheese and chicken breast bites. He loves chicken nuggets from just about anywhere but I am trying to feed him healthier options so I bought chicken breast and sauteed them in a skillet (cut in square, bite sized pieces) with some seasonings and non stick spray. I added a bit of liquid aminoes and worcestershire sauce to keep them from being dry. A whole chicken (4.5 lbs.) was put into the pressure cooker and when it cools, I will get the meat and save the bones and broth to make chicken stock with some of the vegetables pieces I've been saving in the fridge. I am making Black Bean Stew for dinner and it is made in the pressure cooker as well. The set up on this has changed and isn't allowing the options I usually have so forgive how plain this looks!

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