Saturday, April 13, 2013

Everything is everywhere and I am still starting my garden!

We eat too much produce to not garden. I haven't been the best gardener in the world but I am going to strive this summer (starting today) to be a better one. I will pray to the the best gardener I can be so I reap a harvest on all the work we spend plowing and planting and weeding and watering! I also have been organic gardening for many years (with flowers even before starting berries, trees and vegetables) and will continue on with that. We are getting another compost bin and I already have bags of composting goodies to add. Today, I am planting two rows and looking up what goes well with what because I have quite forgotten since last summer when I researched the same information... and the year before and the year before. Why don't I just remember all of it and be done with it?! So far, I have been reminded of these companion tips from an organic gardening site: Roses and chives: Gardeners have been planting garlic with roses for eons, because garlic is said to repel rose pests. Garlic chives probably are just as repellent, and their small purple or white flowers in late spring looks great with rose flowers and foliage. Tomatoes and cabbage: Tomatoes are repellent to diamondback moth larvae, which are caterpillars that chew large holes in cabbage leaves. Cucumbers and nasturtiums: The nasturtium's vining stems make them a great companion rambling among your growing cucumbers and squash plants, suggests Sally Jean Cunningham, master gardener and author of Great Garden Companions. Nasturtiums "are reputed to repel cucumber beetles, but I depend on them more as habitat for predatory insects," such as spiders and ground beetles. Peppers and pigweed or ragweed: Leafminers preferred the weeds to pepper plants in a study at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia. Just be careful to remove the weeds' flowers before they set seed or you'll have trouble controlling the weeds.

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