Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easy, delicious ice cream

My DIL, Ryann picked up my daughter, Lauren from Starbucks on her way home from work recently. They got here later in the evening and decided to watch a movie and the movie led to a movie snack and the movie snack was homemade ice cream.

Lauren & Ryann's "Made Together" Ice Cream

Half-n-half (a quart bag was 3/4th full)
Sugar (according to taste for how sweet they wanted it)
Vanilla extract (possibly around 4 Tablespoons)
cinnamon (around 1 1/2 teaspoons)
Cocoa powder ("we just kind of shook the container" ... ? 1/4th cup?)

They used the plastic food storage bag method:
A gallon size bag (press or zip sealed kind)  is filled less than half full of ice and 1/2 cup of Rock salt is added to the ice. The ingredients above are put into a quart size plastic bag and then the bag is pressed/zipped closed and placed inside the gallon size bag and then it is pressed/zipped close. Shake until the ice cream is thick and eat right out of the bag!

What they did:
My daughter put a little glop (her word) of peanut butter in each of their bowls. She microwaved it just until it was shiny and spreadable and she spread it on the bottom of the bowl and drizzled honey over that. They cut a hole in the corner of the ice cream bag and "piped" it onto the honey/peanut butter.
This was days ago and they are both still raving how this was the best ice cream!

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