Sunday, August 18, 2013

Around my appliances

We are trying to save the last of the garden so we can till it up and start over for fall! We didn't yield NEARLY the harvest we hoped for but the bounty was substantial even so. We have been juicing the cucumbers and using them in homemade salad dressings and eating lots of thinly sliced freshness on sandwiches. Spreading cream cheese on whole grain bread, pan seared toast, whole grain tortillas or lettuce leaves and layering with cool cucumber slices makes for delicious summer snacking!
I am gathering the rest of the cucumbers this week and getting the seeds out, rinsing, drying, labeling and storing them for the next time I plant!

We have had great success with a variety of peppers and we are eating those on so many things, adding them to dressings, soups, salads, baked goods and more. We are also dehydrating them, blending and making pepper powder to use for seasoning and natural health applications.
 Dehydrated tiny tomatoes. I set the temp at 135 and spread halved little tomatoes over a mesh sheet for about 10 hours. I have read you can blanch them or toss with a bit of oil and I have done similar in the past but this time, I was in a hurry and just put them right in after giving them a good wash. I love these! 
 Cayenne peppers from our garden and organically grown! My husband just cut the tops off and put them on the trays. We are dehydrating them at 140 and have the timer set for 8 hours but they may need to go up to 12 hours. We'll check them before bed and again in the morning. 
This is the flour milled from soaked, sprouted and dehydrated hard grain white berries. I also have a bag of flour done the same way with spelt berries. 

I have been soaking and sprouting a variety of grains and more - spelt, hard white, soft white, quinoa, lentils, beans, and so on. The grains have been sprouted in jars (or bowls and damp, clean kitchen towels) before dehydrating and then grinding into flours. I've used them as is after making into flours and I've soaked the flours the night before and all have turned out good to great.
We've had pancakes this way twice, cornmeal skillet breads, and bread loaves.
We made brownies with white flour and the regular baking ingredients and I wasn't highly impressed so I am hoping to make a healthier sweet this week to make up for it!

We have had a few times of eating from the pantry and freezer and nearly cleared both out in the process. What a blessing, what a blessing it was as a friend and I shared... to have food in the back yard! No bread? We sauteed different peppers with an onion and served alongside some eggs. Out of eggs? We had cucumbers and carrots in a juice! There were so many things that helped us stretch right on through and I am so thankful!

I am on a mission to make the most use of each and every one of my kitchen and household appliances as I can find to make. If they are going to take up space in this home, I want them to be used to the fullest!

So, the appliances I used making the things in this post were:
Our blender, dehydrater, oven/stove top, food processer, juicer, grain grinder, and I think that is it for now!
How do you use your kitchen and house hold appliances to get the most out of them? If you don't feel you get enough use from them... what are some appliances you'd like to gain ideas about?

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