Saturday, August 25, 2012

BRIEF Post: 2 small ideas!

I haven't kept up with all we are eating and making in the kitchen right now so some of the lovelies will have to be added later or not at all. We'll see how it goes!

Saturday Smoothie:

Purified water
No fat yogurt, plain
frozen bananas
honey drizzle

The boys wouldn't try it because it wasn't a pretty color (not quite purple enough from the blueberries, not bright green... just different, I guess) but it was okay. I was drinking it more for the nutrition than for flavor anyway.

Open faced sandwiches:

I just took some left over turkey and shredded it quickly in my little food chopper thing that I adore and use ALL the time. I put about an ounce per piece of whole grain bread and topped with a slice of smoked Gouda cheese. This was broiled and brought out of the oven before having Newman's Own low fat ginger salad dressing drizzled over. Very good!

I lost six pounds but gained two of those back after two bad eating days!

I am making up our menu today and hoping it will be nourishing, energy lifting and nurturing all at once. Hopefully, I won't be so scattered I neglect to share any of it here. Smile.

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