Monday, October 5, 2009

Charlotte's Chicken Casserole

My mother has cooked for as long as I can remember.

When she was a SAHM with a husband and four daughters, she made breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I could probably write a book on all the things she came up with over the years!

To this day, she cooks some of the most amazing meals with little time to plan but they all taste as though they were. She and Papa are raising my twin niece & nephew (had them since birth) and have my sister and her little boy living with them right now. Nana still cooks up delicious dishes and every time we go, she serves something from her kitchen.

My oldest son gets to visit with them once a week and Nana makes him a lovely lunch each time.

Anyway, my daughter and I made an unplanned visit to Nana’s one evening when we stopped by on our way home from an appointment. She pulled out a casserole they had eaten for dinner and insisted on heating some up for us.
It was so scrumptious … we each had two helpings and had to stop ourselves before eating three! I scribbled down her recipe as quickly as I could and simply must share it with you. Smile.

A note from Nana: She told us it was one of the quickest meals she has ever made!

Charlotte’s Chicken Casserole

Oven cooked chicken tenders (battered and baked with olive oil drizzled on the pan) that are hand cut… across horizontally.
Egg noodles (whole grain, Mueller’s) Cook al dente (or slightly less) and drain.
Cream of chicken (2 cans)
Carnation Evaporated milk (1 can)
Shredded cheddar

Pour the two cans of soup into a bowl and fill the soup cans with evaporated milk (add water to make two full cans) and add that to the soups.
Whisk together the soups, milk and water mixture. Stir in chicken and pasta. Put in greased pan and cover with aluminum foil.
Bake until bubbly. Probably around 350 degrees for approximately 20-30 minutes.
Top with shredded cheddar and heat until it is melted.

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