Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Truly Simple Nourishment

Things have been busy and finances have been narrowed to dry purses and flat wallets for the past several weeks. Isn’t it amazing how little we really need to live on?

Habits hold true for most of us in thinking we need far more than we actually do and consuming massively above what we should.
It is good to think anyway when there is little to be so indulgent on. Smiles. . .

We have had some delicious and comforting favorites and the creativity in my somewhat disheveled kitchen has been good. We have eaten fresh Roma tomato sandwiches with mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

I’ve made white sauce with cheese (what is it called: béchamel or something like that) melted in or broccoli. Served over toast or cooked potatoes.

We’ve made pasta with butter or oil and whatever we found to skillet sauté and toss in with it. Bits of various cheeses when they were available, bits and pieces of mushrooms, squash, and so on mixed in with garlic infused pasta.

Fresh garlic has been peeled and rubbed on hot toast and this was eaten with salsa we were given as a gift.
Eggs provide protein and help fill up empty stomachs and they are awesome for the busy mama and/or wife. Just about anything you make with eggs means a quick meal and we’ve enjoyed them scrambled for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Scrambled with cheese, fried, with toast, as sandwiches, mixed in the above written of sauce, hard boiled, sliced and salted, and however one decides.

Our venison has proven a tremendous blessing and we have eaten the ground in place of hamburger meat. The tenderloin is very similar to a very tender cube steak and there is never a bite left when we these are made.
I’ve lost record on what I’ve shared and what I haven’t so if I’m repeated myself, please forgive me.
Just send me a note at
smile529@charter.net and let me know or beg me to never share such things again.
In the meanwhile…

I put some all-purpose flour in a wide, shallow bowl and added salt and freshly ground pepper. Another similar bowl was used for milk and I sliced each small rectangle in half so it would cook faster and put them all in the milk. When I finished cutting both packs of meat and had them in the milk, I moved on to the next step.
I took one at a time and placed on the flour until I ran out of room. Basic flouring deal until all were covered and filled a hot skillet with some olive oil and butter. I was out of regular oil and this made sure I was out of olive oil and butter but it was worth it. I used two large cast iron skillets because I haven’t cooked one pack of meat in years for the most part.

I let each side cook on low to medium heat until it looked cooked halfway or right before halfway through and then flipped them. I let those cook about the same amount of time and then added about ½ cup of beef broth to each skillet. The meat simmered until the broth wasn’t watery anymore and took them off the heat.
So tender they were cut without using knives and delicious!

“A clever cook, can make....good meat of a whetstone.”Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch priest and scholar


I might not be the most clever of cooks but the Lord has shown me another great way to eat deer meat!

We had them with mashed potatoes and buttered toast.

So… there is a latest sharing from my fragrant little kitchen.

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