Sunday, April 27, 2014

Good Tea, Baby

My husband and I have had a bothersome cold of sorts ... we had stopped up heads and just wanted to be in bed for part of it. It finally started getting better but we still have this cough that seems to get more annoying at night than during the day.

I have been using ginger for a long time now (so many uses - look for a post about GINGER soon ;)
to help with coughs, colds and to warm up from the inside out. I've also used honey and lemon in hot water and along the way started putting the three together.
My husband loved what I made tonight and expressed it by asking me to remember how I made it. I lost some of the things he loved that I made previously so I am back to blogging things so at least we have them in this format.
When I started typing this and was trying to hurry with a title - my husband sipped some more from his mug and said again, "This is good tea, baby." Thus, the just right name for the tea he wants me to record.

Here it is:

A generous chunk of fresh ginger (about 3-4 inches) peeled and sliced. Powdered ginger will work if you don't have fresh.
A large lemon, sliced
Raw honey
Boiling or very hot water (I used a ceramic water warmer thing I got from Sam's and use as much as my faucet now!)

I halved the ginger between two mugs and placed lemon slices (freed of seeds) in each cup and poured hot water to fill the cups about 3/4ths full. I stirred in about a teaspoon or more of honey (again, each cup) and we are sipping some relief!


Rebecca Boudreau said...

We do a similar drink, with a pinch of cayenne stirred in -- and sometimes maple syrup in place of honey. :-)

Rebecca Boudreau said...

We make a similar drink, with a pinch of cayenne stirred in, and sometimes maple syrup in place of honey. :-)

naturalmotherhood said...

What a great idea - I'll have to try these! I put cayenne in a broth I use and in a ginger lemon tea but haven't put it in this latest thing so thank you for sharing ;)