Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday: On our table...


I drank watermelon juice using all of a personal sized watermelon except the last fourth or so of it and that was chilled for a snack.

We also ate tomato sandwiches and ended up getting deli sandwiches at a local place (a franchise)  along with potato soup for $1.00. You got a free meal for a wee one as long as said wee one was present so thankfully small grandgirl came in with her mama.

For dinner, my daughter made her own recipes (she is so good at that) and she made split chicken breast with bone stuffed with goat cheese, cranberries, garlic and butter. She served it with a tossed salad (seasoned with garlic powder and other spices) and made a homemade cranberry sauce. SO GOOD. She took a picture so I will try to get it on here.

I made pinto beans I soaked for two days instead of overnight and simmered them with lots of fresh garlic, onions, and olive oil. I salted and peppered last. The beans needed a few more minutes of cooking but it works out well because I made them to use for a couple of things in the next day or two.

Rose girl also made baked apples with cinnamon and honey drizzled over and she mixed some of those in her overnight oatmeal and saved some to serve on top in the morning.

I made a gluten free cornbread from a Bob's Mill mix and it was very good. Tired husband even liked it and he doesn't eat cornbread. The man was born, raised and lived his whole life in the south but he doesn't eat cornbread, gravy of any kind, or beans. He does love a huge variety of other things, thankfully!

Bedtime for me should have been hours ago but the house was quiet, reasonably clean and cozy enough that I flopped around in it for the evening.

If I get disciplined and/or organized enough, I will post more of what we eat and more from the wacky, little kitchen here!

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