Friday, January 23, 2009

Healthy HomeSchool Lunch

Healthy HomeSchool Lunch

Braxton and I find ourselves without many ideas for lunch during the day since our microwave flipped out. I actually don’t care because I’m so concerned over the possible harm they can do but my family is used to having one.

The only thing we use a microwave for is the very reason everyone is feeling one no longer being here: heating up left overs. Pasta dishes, spaghetti, lasagna, and a lot of the things made in the oven are now heated up in potss, skillets, or in the oven. More time and more dirty dishes to wash being the only real drawback in my opinion.

ANYway . . . this has meant a change in plans regarding quick lunches for two or three if Dad is home. I am making “mini-dinners” for our lunches and if there are any left… they make darling after school snacks for Lauren.

For the lunch I’m sharing the idea of:
I pulled fresh broccoli, green onions, parmesan cheese and butter out of the fridge. Grabbed peanut oil out of the cabinet and heated the WOK up on the stove top. When it was hot, I added the oil as is recommended in the book that came with our WOK and then added chopped green onions. Meanwhile, I had put the water on for pasta and (forgot to add my garlic clove or two in the pasta water… frown!) and added cut up broccoli to the WOK.

Oh, and I added three chicken bouillon cubes to the boiling water. I do this if we are in a hurry or if I want flavor for less seasoned dishes.

When the broccoli looked just like I wanted it, I added chopped garlic and tossed that. Pasta was drained and all was tossed together and a cloud or two of shaved parmesan topped the whole thing.

Very good! I’ll add it to our “Lunch List” so we can draw from it on hurried days. I plan to print out a sheet of breakfast and lunch ideas to tape or tack to a cabinet or wall in the kitchen.

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