Monday, December 8, 2008

Lauren Cooks...

Tired but still attempting to record our meals and/or recipes.
Tonight, Lauren made her first chicken and it was DELICIOUS.

One, she called her Asian Chicken and the other was Ranch Chicken. Her dad cut the chicken breasts into bite or a bit bigger size squares. She used disposable gloves my mom gave us a box of because she has the same aversion to the handling of raw meat her mother does.

Anyway, for the first recipe, she just mixed soy sauce and honey together and heated in the microwave to mix well. She added butter to the skillet and let it melt, added the chicken to the butter and let it cook just a little bit --- until it was turning white. She added the soy sauce honey mixture and finished cooking all the way through.
The second was cooked exactly the same way but she put Ranch powder over the chicken instead of soy sauce and honey. She also drizzled some olive oil over this.

The small, two batches worth of chicken provided dinner last night as well as breakfast and lunch today.
The dinner menu was: Asian and Ranch Chicken Breast Bites, Oven Roasted Potatoes, and Buttermilk Biscuits made from Gold Medal Buttermilk Biscuit Mix.

Oven Roasted Potatoes: Cut in bite sized pieces (hers are bite sized wedges) and drizzle in olive oil, sprinkle Ranch powder over them and then toss them to coat. Bake at 425 degrees until as cooked and crispy as you like.

Blake’s Breakfast Biscuits

My husband served me these in bed today! It blesses me still even typing about it!
Anyway, he split open the biscuits from last night and spread a bit of homemade apple jelly on the bottom. He topped them with the potatoes and chicken from last night and added cheese to that. He heated them in the microwave for a few seconds and they were delicious!

For lunch, I made Open biscuit sandwiches. I halved the biscuits (still from previous night) and topped with already heated up potatoes and chicken topped with melted cheese. We drizzled our last bit of balsamic vinegar over them and ate with forks!

Lauren is trying Parmesan Chicken Bites today so I’ll let you know how they turn out!

"For me, a plain baked potato is the most delicious one....It is soothing and enough." M.F.K. Fisher

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