Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thai Lettuce Wraps

I eat a wide variety of foods. I am not vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, or practicing a particular diet. I use nourishing and nurturing as my guide for what I eat and drink. 
If it offers my body something healthy and whole, I will usually try it. 
I collect recipes and culinary ideas from so many sources to keep up with this way of eating but it is far easier than sticking to one rigid plan. I always believe I'll miss out on something my body needs if I only adhere to things one way. There you have it.

Anyway, that typed - I will share my latest healthy recipe that came on a youtube subscription that I really liked. I plant to add this to our menu and eat it once or twice a month ... or more. The recipe has lots of nutrition to offer and gives me another reason to use my food processer ;) 

I ate the lettuce wraps the first day at lunch and the next day, I ate it on top of whole grain crackers. I just wish the ingredients had measurements but I couldn't locate the actual recipe so it may be in the author's book and I don't have it. 

This video by Diana Stobo shows how easy these are! 

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