Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog writer note -

My kitchen has been as busy as ever but with that and the many other activities going on... posting my recipes has become almost non-existent. Can you tell?!


Anyway, there are easier and easier ways of posting things on these blogs so maybe I'll get it going and keep it flowing at some point. I have four notebooks full of recipes (culinary scrapbooks ... all unfinished!) and I really need to gather all of them, the reviews, pictures, and more and organize them so I can keep a running file of what we make and eat around here!

Just a note to share one of the bits I'm working on right now.

We are making a lot of salads, sandwiches, and quickly prepared stove top dishes to keep the kitchen from getting unbearably hot. No central heat or air so we have to be creative with fans, a couple of air units and baking/cooking schedules.

Until the next recipe or food share . . .

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