Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sourdough Starter

Yes, I abandoned my sourdough starters.
It was a bit sad since they looked really good and I was getting some good photos to share but I kind of felt it would be better to start over.

You see, our ROOF got replaced and some know what a tremendous and fantastic answer to prayer this is. Well, with the new roof came a pretty substantial loss of ceiling in my kitchen. So much so that we joked about walking through the kitchen and seeing the moon and stars since we literally did. . . see them.
We had a skylight in there and it has always been a bit of a disaster and it had to come out and this has meant a LOT of working around things and all sorts of things flying in the air. I didn't trust my sourdough starters ... covered or not ... in that environment so I baked a bunch of bread and some other baked goods and didn't save any to use later. I take that back, I did save some in the fridge but go so busy in house work and repair that I forgot it was there.

In my goal to be real as I've mentioned so many times before ... a lot of things like this get shared. Projects get started just to be stopped mid way and plans get changed before they can gain ground but it is okay. If it is God's will ... things will be in great order soon and I will be much more set up for the baking, sourdough making, and make it from scratch work will commence!

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