Sunday, June 20, 2010

H.O.H. Tomato Sauce

If I have already shared this recipe, forgive me!
I have been too busy to get posts written but along the way have still saved recipes and meals here and there to share. This was in my drafts folder so I thought I would go ahead and post it in case I haven't.

It is still important for me to keep a record of what we make and to make those things available for those who have been interested in getting them, too.

Sandy’s H.O.H. Tomato Sauce

H.O.H. Have on Hand --- Using the ingredients I have on hand to make the sauce we were going to buy. The store version is sun dried tomato sauce and I don’t remember the brand but it comes in a glass jar next to the alfredo sauce. We don’t use such high sodium, high fat, and high sugar processed foods usually but Lauren had a friend over and she wanted some to go over tortellini. We got that on sale today but no sauce so I made something similar.

We really liked it!

Olive Oil
Heavy cream
Garlic powder
Salt & Pepper
Freshly grated nutmeg

Drizzle some olive oil and a few pats of butter in a skillet until butter is melted. Add fresh, chopped or pressed garlic and stir frequently to keep the garlic from burning. Keep on low to medium heat.
Sprinkle a small spoon or two of flour over the oil/butter mixture in the skillet and stir with a whisk. When it is smooth and blended well, add heavy cream. Just add approximately how much you’ll need for how many are eating (it is easy to make too much so keep that in mind) and keep stirring and heating up until heated thoroughly but not boiling.

Add just about any shredded cheese (If I had ANY parmesan, it would have been amazing for this) … I used sharp cheddar.

When cheese is melted t hrough, stir in some garlic powder , parsley, and the rest of the ingredients.

Pour this over hot, cooked tortellini!

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